The artifact awaits…

Air Force pilot Vince Ortega is at the top of his game – until he’s shot down. But to his horror, he soon discovers that his jet fighter is not the only thing that’s being replaced.


The Air Force is now relying on AI-controlled planes, leaving pilots like Vince out in the cold. Desperate to keep flying, he jumps at the opportunity to join a top-secret government program that deals with alien technology. But what Vince discovers there is beyond anything he could have imagined. With the fate of humanity at stake, Vince must use his incredible skills and daring to save the day – and keep the sky his own.


Join Vince on an epic adventure of twists, turns, and unimaginable danger, in this pulse-pounding science-fiction thriller novelette. 


The Little Blue Log Book is an independent story set in the same universe as the Progress Report novel, so if you like it – make sure to check out The Progress Report.



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